About Us

I am a proud South African who is loving the journey of life. I started playing the Djembe drum a year ago and continue to play as much as I can to better myself in that area. I love it! 

The first time I ever played the Djembe was at my best friends home. We were having a braai (barbeque) and she put her drum in front of me and suggested I play with her. I have been hooked ever since! My life changed the moment I hit the drum.. I never knew rhythm could have such an impact on my life. I constantly practice drumming even if I drum in the air ... or on a desk.. anything is a drum but nothing is like djembe! I have to pull myself back and remember balance! It has pulled me into self acceptance and my vision for my life is clearer than it's ever been. It has helped connect me to my family, my husband and my dear son. I don't know where I would be without the perfect form of meditation that can bring me to absolute peace and harmony!
The reason for this blog is to bring djembe drummers together. Drumming on the beach, drumming circles and learning more about this fascinating instrument is a sincere goal of mine.
I am currently going for lessons with a drumming master. I will through out this blog upload photo's and give more information of what I am learning as we go along. Please email us if you have questions.. join us on facebook - look under my articles for the link.

The journey has begun and I am enjoying it so much!..