Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a form of meditation

Djembe is a definite method to meditation. Your Chi, your energy, djembe allows you to connect to what is around you. Growing up, I had many issues. I have really become aware of my inner self since drumming. Self acceptance, finding beauty in everyone, this is just a part of it.

There are three main areas of drumming that you need to know and anyone can drum, even if you think you don't have rhythm, trust me, that rhythm is inside of you!
- the Tone, the Base and the Slap are the three main instances of drumming. Base in the middle of the drum with your right hand if you are right handed. Tone and slap on the edge of the drum.

Tone is high pitched. The base is a deep sound. The slap is the most difficult, I haven't got it yet! It is a short sharp and very loud tone. You hit the edge of the drum hard. This is going to take some time and you will not learn this over night but you can try and practice.

The beauty of these three tones is that you can mix them up to make a great rhythm. Many different sounds come from three tones.

For example: Djembe rhythm is 1 base - 4 tone - 1 base - 5 tone repeatedly.

When repeating same stroke/sequence, you eventually start working both parts of your brain and this regular exercise is a great way to meditate. You will not notice it but your brain will be in alpha state. Alpha state as I have said before is when your whole self is completely relaxed. I know I need relaxation.

There are many helpful websites and videos on utube that you can watch in order to learn the basic rhythms. Develop a relationship with your drum. Play it regularly to know where the best tone, base and slap is on your drum. Have it tuned every now and then. Most importantly Enjoy it, smile. It's not serious, it's beautiful!



  1. I love your article. We just started selling them and was looking for some info.

  2. Hi Andrea, Glad you found the article helpful! It really has been so beneficial and life changing! Enjoy!! :)