Monday, January 31, 2011

The drumming crowd grows

This might be a while before I blog again but this week end was definitely my best one yet. I finally got the rhythms! So excited!! The crowd is growing at an enormous rate and will have to organize an alternative venue at some stage at the rate we're going :) There was a Japanese film crew filming and tourists taking pictures. It's all pretty surreal! My son played with us and he drummed the djembe for two hours solid, I am very proud of him!
My mother also gave it a try and found it to be quite amazing! So I am going to attempt to upload a video clip.. I am very thankful to the djembe master drummer for teaching his skills. I feel very lucky and honoured to better my skills!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Blame it on the wind

This saturday, the wind blew continuously.. I didn't get to go to the drumming circle :(

I had to take my son to a kiddies party and my attempt at packing boxes was an absolute flop as well. So you can imagine my dissapointment.. I will have to wait a whole week until I drum again.. however, Djembe is popular and I didn't realise the affect it has on many people. We went for lunch at my dad's house and his friend was talking about his Djembe drum and how much he loves it. He didnt' know that we go to drumming circles and we started chatting about it. Before we knew it, he had gone to fetch his drum and I had my little drumming session at my dad's house. His drum has great base!! If you are serious about drumming it is better to get a larger drum.  I really can't wait to make my own drum! The drumming master said that he had made his own and when you build your own drum.. it becomes so personalized. It is a part of you. There is a connection between you and your drum and the base, tone and slap sounds better when it is your own drum!

So anyway, I had my little stress release and even though I am moving house next week end, I will drum! no matter what! unless there is galeforce wind of course!

I will eventually be uploading video clips but all in good time. Rome was not build in a day.. and this blog is only 3 weeks old. Keep visitng :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

And there was Fire..

our fire fighters dedicate their lives to save ours!
They have been fighting over 23 veld fires in the last week!
Well Done to all of the Fire Fighters!
We applaud you!
I know this article is straying from the main topic of this blog but I also know its good to throw in something different in between. This month has been one of the weirdest months I have ever had. Not only am I moving at the end of the month but the place where I currently live was at a high risk of being burnt down. This all happenend last night.

There was a huge fire in the bush about 5 meters from our home. I was at work when I received a call from my brother. He said, "Dee, are you home? are you okay? are you safe?" At first I didn't register why he was asking me all these questions and then he said, "your house looks like it could be on fire, there is smoke everywhere!"

I was panicked, stressed, tired, irritated, upset, fearful.. you name it.. any kind of word that can describe an unhappy emotion, that was me! I phoned my husband and he knew already what I was going to say. He had just arrived home to find smoke everywhere. The complex was filled with  fire fighters everywhere. There must have been at least 40 of them. They had managed to contain the fire! Thank goodness! Our animals were safe, the house was full of ash and it still smells of smoke but we have a roof over our head.

I was amazed how the fire department all worked together! I am very proud of them. They stayed until late last night to make sure the fire was gone. They really worked hard and they deserve a high five or a holiday! I am very grateful and I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone who lives in that area.

So this week end is a tight one.. I cannot afford to miss a Djembe lesson. I have so much happening but I will not miss it. I will have to miss drumming next week because I am moving house so I have to go this week and get all of this stress out of my system. Djembe is so good for that! So yes, as usual this Saturday its drumming time! woohoo!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sixto Rodriguez

For those of you who haven't heard of Sixto Rodriguez.. .. He is one of my favourite singers of all time! For some reason he isn't as well know in other countries as much as he is well known in South Africa. Us South Africans spread his music around like wild fire! Our children and their children and our great grand children will know his music! He is a legend in this country!

Visit his website to learn more Sugarman . I love his music! The lyrics are amazing. There are no djembe rhythms in his music that I can recall but his words and the tunes are very much up my ally. Ask most South Africans who he is and they can certainly tell you.. a childhood memory.. teenage years of laughter or a reminder of our youth.. I am still my 30's urgh.. but the young and the old both appreciate his music.

His album Cold Fact plays at least twice a week in my home. It's one of those albums that you can't help but sing along as loudly as possible. I sing it loud and proud even though I don't have a good singing voice. Rodriguez Rocks!

Monday, January 17, 2011

What a day

I am working on interviewing our drumming master, Ala, and will be uploading that soon I hope.. This saturday was a really good one for me. I had my best friend join my husband and I for a djembe lesson. This session in particular was a surprise for me because some of the drum rhythms which I previously struggled with seem to be more natural to me now. It goes to show that practice makes perfect.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Djembe Cape Town | Facebook

To Join us on facebook, follow this link: Djembe Cape Town Facebook

If you would like to join the Djembe Cape Town group on facebook please feel free to do so but only if you are passionate about drumming and you live in Cape Town!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Road Trip

Last year was quite a year and I am sure you will agree. Everyone had their light bulb moments and sad moments etc. We made a promise to ourselves to do stuff. We were having a braai one night and I just blurted out, "let's go on a road trip." My husband looked at me in shock.. Djembe does effect me positively.. He said yes and one week later we were on the road. This was during the world cup in July.

We had our road trip music list: Bob Marley, Shakhira, LKJ and a mix of trance.

Our first stop off was Victoria Bay just to view the sights..
Then off we went to plett where we stayed in a place called Forever Resorts. What a cool little spot we had. We watched the soccer that night and then browsed around and decided to visit an elephant park in Plett the next day. We walked with the elephants, touched them and fed them. This was a very surreal experience. They walk so softly you would think that their size would make them noisy but elephants are gentle giants! We stayed in Plett for two nights and we were on the road again where we stayed in East London (The blue lagoon) for the night. I could have stayed there another night because it really is so beautfiul there by the lagoon.
After that we headed to Transkei which I have spoken about in my artilce about Jah Drums. Check my side bar and look up sugar loaf back packers. Trankei has animals walking in the road. The poverty is rife over there and the roads are bad but I love Transkei.. It's a party haven and it is a place where you can relax. You are out of your comfort zone but you feel completely at home. After that on our way home we stopped off at a few places like Port Alfred, Port Elizabeth and Knysna. We live in such a great country! We have such cool people! I cannot wait for my next adventure! I could travel everyday! I feel so lucky to have experienced that road trip. I love my little car that managed to get us there and back. Ford Icons Rock!
I highly recommend taking yourself on a road trip. Everyone needs to force themselves to relax and enjoy. I love South Africa!


I honour the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honour the place in you which is full of truth. of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me. We are one.

I am not religious even though I used to be. These days, I don't ponder on things too much in that respect. What I do think though is that people are important and I know that love is an incredible force! I love this word - namaste'! It really reflects how people should be towards each other. The core inside ourselves should not be about pointing fingers or being judgemental.  It's all about love and not religion!

Our core of being should revolve around accepting people for who they are. Total and complete acceptance with understanding that everybodies shit stinks but we are also all beautiful in every way. If I don't make sense by saying this then please excuse me for that.. but without getting too spiritual I will say to you... namaste' .. You are a delight.. You are special and your life is precious! Beyond that.. I say no more.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For the Love of Reggae Music

I don't like commercialised music. I find that music in all its essence has to be real! It should never be about a quick selling record or a money making quicky. Music should in all its ways, be full of emotion, life, passion and love. All areas of music should have the musician singing with true feeling. The words should echo the very heart of the musician.

When I get home, I don't watch television. I despise the square box that rids us of life and its fullness. There is nothing better than coming home and putting some music on. I drink my glass of wine, play some reggae and I start cooking some good food and life is sweet at that very moment. My husband and I don't watch television. We listen to music and talk. I look forward to my evenings after a hard day of work.  It shocks me how many people just come home and forget life. Yes the odd movie is great on a rainy day but what about family? what about friends? what about reggae? My son and I dance in the lounge and he is growing up with the best music.

If I have had a bad day the first thing I do is put a reggae album on. If I can't sleep, I put a burning spear  album on. Burning spear rocks my house almost every night along with the real reggae musicians like eek a mouse..or LKJ- its all highly recommended  awesome music! I have so much dub reggae that I still have to go through it all. Music especially the kind that is sung by artists like Bob Marley or Burning spear touches the root of all issues. love, peace, unity - one love! I would imagine most Djembe players love reggae or trance.. If I am wrong.. apologies! There is one kind of music that sets me into absolute peace mode - obviously Reggae style music.. If I am angry I put music on. It is healing! Our soul needs it, we thrive on it. Laughter and music - what more can I ask for!

One of our most favourites is of course: Burning Spear 
Burning Spear
visit their blog as well... Burning spear blog
It's real music! The instruments are perfect and inspiring. I love it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Rhythm of Djembe

We had another djembe drumming session in Cape Town on Saturday. The rhythms are developing now and I have walked away from the drumming lesson with more knowledge than before. My hands are not sore from the two hour djembe lesson which is quite amazing. What I found fascinating about the drumming in South Africa and playing djembe in the street is that people start dancing in the street. The homeless smile and dance and people of all races cannot help but enjoy the rhythm of djembe.

I had taken some pictures between the lesson but this is when we were having a little break. It is almost impossible to take a picture while you are playing.. I just can't seem to draw myself away from drumming to take a picture.. maybe next time.

Playing the drum which is made out of animal skin has such a soothing theraputic feeling.  I see there are a few regulars that come to Cape Town to drum as well as tourists. If you do not have rhythm naturally, the Djembe is the best way to learn what rhythm is. I see a huge improvement in my husband's rhythm. Anyone can learn this instrument. All it takes is a passion for drumming, regular lessons and regular practice. Some people play naturally... lucky people!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Jah Drums in Coffee Bay

My wish list is to go back to Transkei, Coffee Bay to visit Jah Drums and build our own Djembe drum! When we were there a few months ago, we stayed at the Sugar Loaf Backpackers. What an awesome place to be! Thing is we didn't draw enough cash to build our own drum and the closest bank is roughly a two hour drive... So we will have to wait until next time. Got to save up and get babysitters etc. for our next trip.

Coffee Bay

We had such a great time over there! Just wish we had prepared for it. I had no idea that I'd love it so much! Transkei has this feel to it that cannot be described. We still spoke to one of the guys that were there who had planned to visit for one week but ended up living there instead. I completely understand why he didn't leave.


Anyway Jah drums is something I am eager to do. If you love djembe.. it's a trip worth your while!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Dining Experience to Remember

There is something that has developed within me since the world cup 2010. I am very, utterly, totally proud to be South African! We have some of the best restaurants in the world! We have culture, entertainment and most of all we have spirit!

We visited a restaurant in Cape Town called 'Gold Restaurant'.  What initially drew me to this place was the 30 minute Djembe drumming lesson they have before the food.

As we arrived, I felt such warmth! I thought to myself, "why have I only discovered this place now?"  Seriously, the decor and interior alone is cozy and upmarket but real culture more than anything! We were taken to our seats where there were seats available for +- 60 Djembe drummers. We had our glass of wine and before we knew it.. very cool, hip African men walked in to lead us into the basics of the various African rhythms. Not only was the teacher entertaining but I found it fascinating how easily his ability to communicate rhythm was. His partner played in the background. Drumming masters I tell you! Honestly. I could not stop smiling!

After the lesson was over we were ushered to African tradition of cleaning hands and then we ate a 15 course meal. These African meals were all unique and exotic meals. Soooooo good!The very friendly staff explained each meal. My husband is quite a picky one when it comes to food but he enjoyed every plate of food that was served.. our favourite is the samoosa's.. but shhhh I don't want to give away too much of the menu.. you need to discover it for yourself.

The food was was only the beginning of the evening! Pretty soon the teachers who taught us the Djembe were sitting amongst us while we were eating and they played mind blowing African rhythms. Beautiful African ladies danced around us and sang. You would have to be there to understand the awe of everything! I was in awe of this beautiful place. There aren't many places out there that place so much energy into making a night perfect like Gold Restaurant.
What I have described isn't even half of it. You have to be there. Go to their website and read other people's comments about this restaurant. It is an amazing restaurant!

I will do it again! I will bring family and my friends.. the food was too good! the atmosphere was perfect and it was one of the best nights I have ever had! I never mind spending money when it is money worth spending!  

Cindy, the manager and her staff should be very proud of their achievements and you can see they enjoy their work. I honestly can't wait to go again.

I highly recommend this restaurant! Gold restaurant is in town. Visit their website for directions. You will be glad you went! It's an African experience of note!

The restaurant is also Halaal. The left over food goes to the South AFrican Children's Home which is responsible for 43 children.

To view more comments of Gold Restaurant Click trip advisor

Djembe drumming on the beach

On the 5th of Jan 2011 - My husband and I decided to go drumming on the beach with a cocktail in hand. The sunset blew my mind and the drumming... awesomeness!

I could do this everyday.  The weather was a scary 40+- degrees celcius. There is no way to describe how great it is to be there and just take yourself away from routine.
Every one needs a place where they find pure peace.. I could not ask for more! My son was running around. My dogs were running on the beach and my husband had a great drumming session with me. Ah.. treasured moments indeed!

We hope to have some more sessions on the beach with a crowd of other Djembe drummers eventually. We do go to drumming lessons in cape town but there is something about the beach that just seems to bring out the best in us. Once again. there are no words to describe it!

Learning about the Djembe Drum

My husband and I had two hours of djembe drumming for the very first time in our lives...We went to Cape Town where our djembe teacher is. They do lessons, sell Djembe drums and repair drums too. If you need to have a little squiz at what they do, Hadinkae drumming group are on long market street in Cape Town. It is such a buzz over there. 

My thumb was throbbing after two hours of Djembe. I learnt that my thumb was sore because I was hitting the drum incorrectly. Since then.. no problems . We are going again this week end. I can't wait! So excited to learn more. I know it takes years to develop the ability to play like a master.. one day! :)

I plan on going every Saturday! I could go everyday but balance comes to mind :) For any further info, feel free to comment.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In Love with Djembe

The first time I ever played the Djembe was at my best friends home. We were having a braai (barbeque) and she put her drum in front of me and suggested I play with her. I have been hooked ever since! I'm still very much a beginner but I play almost daily.

The reason for this blog is to bring djembe drummers together. Drumming on the beach, drumming circles and learning more about this fascinating instrument is a sincere goal of mine.
I am currently going for lessons with a drumming master. I will through out this blog upload photo's and give more information of what I am learning as we go along.

The journey has begun and I am enjoying it so much!..