Monday, January 24, 2011

Blame it on the wind

This saturday, the wind blew continuously.. I didn't get to go to the drumming circle :(

I had to take my son to a kiddies party and my attempt at packing boxes was an absolute flop as well. So you can imagine my dissapointment.. I will have to wait a whole week until I drum again.. however, Djembe is popular and I didn't realise the affect it has on many people. We went for lunch at my dad's house and his friend was talking about his Djembe drum and how much he loves it. He didnt' know that we go to drumming circles and we started chatting about it. Before we knew it, he had gone to fetch his drum and I had my little drumming session at my dad's house. His drum has great base!! If you are serious about drumming it is better to get a larger drum.  I really can't wait to make my own drum! The drumming master said that he had made his own and when you build your own drum.. it becomes so personalized. It is a part of you. There is a connection between you and your drum and the base, tone and slap sounds better when it is your own drum!

So anyway, I had my little stress release and even though I am moving house next week end, I will drum! no matter what! unless there is galeforce wind of course!

I will eventually be uploading video clips but all in good time. Rome was not build in a day.. and this blog is only 3 weeks old. Keep visitng :)

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