Friday, January 21, 2011

And there was Fire..

our fire fighters dedicate their lives to save ours!
They have been fighting over 23 veld fires in the last week!
Well Done to all of the Fire Fighters!
We applaud you!
I know this article is straying from the main topic of this blog but I also know its good to throw in something different in between. This month has been one of the weirdest months I have ever had. Not only am I moving at the end of the month but the place where I currently live was at a high risk of being burnt down. This all happenend last night.

There was a huge fire in the bush about 5 meters from our home. I was at work when I received a call from my brother. He said, "Dee, are you home? are you okay? are you safe?" At first I didn't register why he was asking me all these questions and then he said, "your house looks like it could be on fire, there is smoke everywhere!"

I was panicked, stressed, tired, irritated, upset, fearful.. you name it.. any kind of word that can describe an unhappy emotion, that was me! I phoned my husband and he knew already what I was going to say. He had just arrived home to find smoke everywhere. The complex was filled with  fire fighters everywhere. There must have been at least 40 of them. They had managed to contain the fire! Thank goodness! Our animals were safe, the house was full of ash and it still smells of smoke but we have a roof over our head.

I was amazed how the fire department all worked together! I am very proud of them. They stayed until late last night to make sure the fire was gone. They really worked hard and they deserve a high five or a holiday! I am very grateful and I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone who lives in that area.

So this week end is a tight one.. I cannot afford to miss a Djembe lesson. I have so much happening but I will not miss it. I will have to miss drumming next week because I am moving house so I have to go this week and get all of this stress out of my system. Djembe is so good for that! So yes, as usual this Saturday its drumming time! woohoo!

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