Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Road Trip

Last year was quite a year and I am sure you will agree. Everyone had their light bulb moments and sad moments etc. We made a promise to ourselves to do stuff. We were having a braai one night and I just blurted out, "let's go on a road trip." My husband looked at me in shock.. Djembe does effect me positively.. He said yes and one week later we were on the road. This was during the world cup in July.

We had our road trip music list: Bob Marley, Shakhira, LKJ and a mix of trance.

Our first stop off was Victoria Bay just to view the sights..
Then off we went to plett where we stayed in a place called Forever Resorts. What a cool little spot we had. We watched the soccer that night and then browsed around and decided to visit an elephant park in Plett the next day. We walked with the elephants, touched them and fed them. This was a very surreal experience. They walk so softly you would think that their size would make them noisy but elephants are gentle giants! We stayed in Plett for two nights and we were on the road again where we stayed in East London (The blue lagoon) for the night. I could have stayed there another night because it really is so beautfiul there by the lagoon.
After that we headed to Transkei which I have spoken about in my artilce about Jah Drums. Check my side bar and look up sugar loaf back packers. Trankei has animals walking in the road. The poverty is rife over there and the roads are bad but I love Transkei.. It's a party haven and it is a place where you can relax. You are out of your comfort zone but you feel completely at home. After that on our way home we stopped off at a few places like Port Alfred, Port Elizabeth and Knysna. We live in such a great country! We have such cool people! I cannot wait for my next adventure! I could travel everyday! I feel so lucky to have experienced that road trip. I love my little car that managed to get us there and back. Ford Icons Rock!
I highly recommend taking yourself on a road trip. Everyone needs to force themselves to relax and enjoy. I love South Africa!

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