Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For the Love of Reggae Music

I don't like commercialised music. I find that music in all its essence has to be real! It should never be about a quick selling record or a money making quicky. Music should in all its ways, be full of emotion, life, passion and love. All areas of music should have the musician singing with true feeling. The words should echo the very heart of the musician.

When I get home, I don't watch television. I despise the square box that rids us of life and its fullness. There is nothing better than coming home and putting some music on. I drink my glass of wine, play some reggae and I start cooking some good food and life is sweet at that very moment. My husband and I don't watch television. We listen to music and talk. I look forward to my evenings after a hard day of work.  It shocks me how many people just come home and forget life. Yes the odd movie is great on a rainy day but what about family? what about friends? what about reggae? My son and I dance in the lounge and he is growing up with the best music.

If I have had a bad day the first thing I do is put a reggae album on. If I can't sleep, I put a burning spear  album on. Burning spear rocks my house almost every night along with the real reggae musicians like eek a mouse..or LKJ- its all highly recommended  awesome music! I have so much dub reggae that I still have to go through it all. Music especially the kind that is sung by artists like Bob Marley or Burning spear touches the root of all issues. love, peace, unity - one love! I would imagine most Djembe players love reggae or trance.. If I am wrong.. apologies! There is one kind of music that sets me into absolute peace mode - obviously Reggae style music.. If I am angry I put music on. It is healing! Our soul needs it, we thrive on it. Laughter and music - what more can I ask for!

One of our most favourites is of course: Burning Spear 
Burning Spear
visit their blog as well... Burning spear blog
It's real music! The instruments are perfect and inspiring. I love it!

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