Thursday, January 6, 2011

Learning about the Djembe Drum

My husband and I had two hours of djembe drumming for the very first time in our lives...We went to Cape Town where our djembe teacher is. They do lessons, sell Djembe drums and repair drums too. If you need to have a little squiz at what they do, Hadinkae drumming group are on long market street in Cape Town. It is such a buzz over there. 

My thumb was throbbing after two hours of Djembe. I learnt that my thumb was sore because I was hitting the drum incorrectly. Since then.. no problems . We are going again this week end. I can't wait! So excited to learn more. I know it takes years to develop the ability to play like a master.. one day! :)

I plan on going every Saturday! I could go everyday but balance comes to mind :) For any further info, feel free to comment.

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