Monday, January 10, 2011

Rhythm of Djembe

We had another djembe drumming session in Cape Town on Saturday. The rhythms are developing now and I have walked away from the drumming lesson with more knowledge than before. My hands are not sore from the two hour djembe lesson which is quite amazing. What I found fascinating about the drumming in South Africa and playing djembe in the street is that people start dancing in the street. The homeless smile and dance and people of all races cannot help but enjoy the rhythm of djembe.

I had taken some pictures between the lesson but this is when we were having a little break. It is almost impossible to take a picture while you are playing.. I just can't seem to draw myself away from drumming to take a picture.. maybe next time.

Playing the drum which is made out of animal skin has such a soothing theraputic feeling.  I see there are a few regulars that come to Cape Town to drum as well as tourists. If you do not have rhythm naturally, the Djembe is the best way to learn what rhythm is. I see a huge improvement in my husband's rhythm. Anyone can learn this instrument. All it takes is a passion for drumming, regular lessons and regular practice. Some people play naturally... lucky people!

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