Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Dining Experience to Remember

There is something that has developed within me since the world cup 2010. I am very, utterly, totally proud to be South African! We have some of the best restaurants in the world! We have culture, entertainment and most of all we have spirit!

We visited a restaurant in Cape Town called 'Gold Restaurant'.  What initially drew me to this place was the 30 minute Djembe drumming lesson they have before the food.

As we arrived, I felt such warmth! I thought to myself, "why have I only discovered this place now?"  Seriously, the decor and interior alone is cozy and upmarket but real culture more than anything! We were taken to our seats where there were seats available for +- 60 Djembe drummers. We had our glass of wine and before we knew it.. very cool, hip African men walked in to lead us into the basics of the various African rhythms. Not only was the teacher entertaining but I found it fascinating how easily his ability to communicate rhythm was. His partner played in the background. Drumming masters I tell you! Honestly. I could not stop smiling!

After the lesson was over we were ushered to African tradition of cleaning hands and then we ate a 15 course meal. These African meals were all unique and exotic meals. Soooooo good!The very friendly staff explained each meal. My husband is quite a picky one when it comes to food but he enjoyed every plate of food that was served.. our favourite is the samoosa's.. but shhhh I don't want to give away too much of the menu.. you need to discover it for yourself.

The food was was only the beginning of the evening! Pretty soon the teachers who taught us the Djembe were sitting amongst us while we were eating and they played mind blowing African rhythms. Beautiful African ladies danced around us and sang. You would have to be there to understand the awe of everything! I was in awe of this beautiful place. There aren't many places out there that place so much energy into making a night perfect like Gold Restaurant.
What I have described isn't even half of it. You have to be there. Go to their website and read other people's comments about this restaurant. It is an amazing restaurant!

I will do it again! I will bring family and my friends.. the food was too good! the atmosphere was perfect and it was one of the best nights I have ever had! I never mind spending money when it is money worth spending!  

Cindy, the manager and her staff should be very proud of their achievements and you can see they enjoy their work. I honestly can't wait to go again.

I highly recommend this restaurant! Gold restaurant is in town. Visit their website for directions. You will be glad you went! It's an African experience of note!

The restaurant is also Halaal. The left over food goes to the South AFrican Children's Home which is responsible for 43 children.

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