Monday, July 18, 2011


On Sunday I was very chuffed to have my son babysat and finally we went drumming again. Ala and Team Spirit band were there. The new venue took my breath away. It does need a woman's touch but I was very pleased that life handed something beautiful to Ala and Team Spirit. I always say it was the best drumming ever but this time, it really was the best. I get emotional just thinking about it.

The new venue 88 Shortmarket street is actually the Platinum lounge. There are lounges and comfy couches. There is a bar area, toilets, cozy setting and really great atmosphere! I loved every little second and have so much gratitude for it. Team Spirit sang and danced. They are fantastic for wedding functions and I would love to see them on stage! Seriously great musicians with heart! I feel lucky and honoured to be in their presence.

I highly recommend that you join us on Sundays. It prepares you for the week ahead! You'll love it!

I must get a better camera, apologies for the poor photography!

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