Monday, April 11, 2011

a rhythm that lasts 600 years

I had enjoyed drumming on friday with my family. My uncle plays guitar and the whole family were playing guitars and drumming and singing to some fantastic songs. We sung 'redemption song' from Bob Marley. Wow!! It was certainly unforgettable! It is amazing how music stirs the soul and unites people. No matter what race you are, no matter what language you speak, no matter the troubles you face - Music allows us all to understand each other. I love it!

On Saturday, I woke up a bit disheartened. I have been tired, over worked but happy and positive at the same time. In essence I really wanted to go to a party and dance my heart out but my entire inner self felt a deeper need.. rest! I knew the stress this coming week was going to bring me. I stretch myself to such a limit that I really don't know how to slow down. I wish I could clone myself to love everyone around me and do all the things that I want to do but in reality.. i am not a clone and there is only so much a person can do. In my sadness and frustration, my husband suggested that we must go drumming. This is exactly what we did. Sooooo sooo sooo glad we went!

This week is officially our best ever ever ever! We played a rhythm that Ala has been trying to teach us. It is a rhythm that comes from his home country in Ghana. This rhythm is 600 years old! He still said that if we had to go to his town, this is the rhythm. This particular rhythm I have had such difficulty remembering or trying to play it correctly. This Saturday we all got it! Every one of us had it.. and as Ala says," we are all djembefolas!"

To Ala and to the whole circle.. we don't speak in language but we speak through music and my heart is incredibly taken back by each and every one of  you! Thanks for my regular strength! I now have a bit more umph to face my week ahead! and to the really cool rastafarian (don't know your name yet!) I need those incense sticks that you brought with, what a brilliant aroma!

So yes, my week end rocked! Thank you family and thank you friends but most of all thank you Music!


  1. Loved the drumming on Saturday!! Trying to remember the rhythms - are they written down anywhere?? Lynn

  2. oh good so you also forget the rhythms.. been trying to practice and its just fragments in my head. We need to ask Ala for it I think. Unless he uploads video clips on u tube which he has done.. I think each and every lesson should be filmed. Lynn, nice to meet you.. are you the one that's always dancing and smiling?

  3. No.. wait I think it was your first time right? You have blonde hair?

  4. Yes, my first time - and sadly I'm going back to England so won't be able to come again :(
    I have some photos of the session (no video) - but don't know how to post them on here