Monday, August 29, 2011

Spirituality behind the drum

This Sunday at our drumming circle there was an excellent turn out! More so, Ala taught us about each rhythm, its history and beliefs behind djembe drumming. I would really have to take a note pad and pen with me next time but I do insist that you come and join us! There is so much to learn about Djembe. See, when you drum, you start to become aware of things that would not even be a thought before. For example seeing how important nature is. Having respect for living creatures. Since I have started drumming I have noticed extreme changes in my own view points, good changes. I now see the uglyness of mass production in meat! I see water as a precious gift and how important it is to bless it and look after it. The world is crumbling down, the earth is in need of someone to stand up for it. We need to think of future generations. I don't want to preach, that's not my job but there is something that has changed within me for the better. I certainly was not who I am now a year ago. I guess we all continually change but Djembe has brought a great gift to me, eyes that see and understand that this earth is free for all. The water we drink should be free and not abused. There I go rambling again. I still have much to learn.

I do encourage you to try it, it is very relaxing. I am waiting on the spiritual aspect of drumming, their names etc. But Ala has difficulty emailing me as he comes from a very poor area without internet so he is unable to give me that info however I will do some research and upload it in time. There are specific rhythms that have meaning. Djembe was used 500 years ago as a method of communication but through history, as we delve into it, Djembe is more than just communicating. It is a method built on team work. Togetherness, Oneness, Love, Peace, Respect, Honour and so much more that it would take me days to research and being a working mom, I am juggling it but I promise within the next week or two to really bring more detail to what I have said.

Happy Drumming, You are important, remember that!

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  1. I used to enjoy going to a drumming circle held every fortnight in Pretoria at a venue called Klitzgeras. You would arrive, pay entrance, find yourself a jambi to rent, join a circle and take part in creating something spontaneous and emancipating.

    Where do I need to go in Cape Town to find something like this?