Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cloudy Vision

Yesterday I had an appointment in town. I wear contact lenses and half way through driving I noticed that my vision was very blurry. I could hardly see. I thought to myself, "did I suddenly go blind?" Then I came to the conclusion that my contacts lenses must be in incorrectly. I had a three hour appointment and went through the entire appointment with very little eye sight. I managed to drive home safely and as soon as I got home I took the contact lenses off and put my glasses on. I could see! I was not going blind BUT silly me realised that I had put my husband's contact lenses on instead of mine. A real brunette's blonde moment!

I suddenly had a little thought to myself which made a lot of sense. When you have someone else's vision for your life, your vision will be cloudy. If you see life through the lens of someone else, you will be miserable and unable to see your life clearly. When you see life through your own lens, your own vision, every step you take is one step greater to being on the road you should be on. The opinions of people can withdraw you from being you. The ideas and visions for your life should really be your own and you should not care what anyone thinks. Some of the greatest results driven people are the ones who see life through their own eyes, their own heart and their own mind!

I have many ideas that people will disagree with. My own family won't agree with my dreams. You might be thought of as crazy but is that so bad? I would rather live the life that is mine than live up to the expectations of mankind. What a sad life it is to have cloudy vision and to live up to the expectations of people, family and friends. Let me tell you, it is difficult to see with someone else's contact lens. My eyes were sore afterwards and I had a little head ache. The thing is, to live with someone else's plan for your life will have far worse side effects. Sadness, depression and lack of purpose will be the general feeling to walk in the shoes of someone else. 

I hope that this article has made some sense. When you have clear vision, you can see where you are going. The pieces to the puzzle come together because you can see clearly. Don't allow people to cloud your vision, your hopes or your dreams!

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