Thursday, June 23, 2011

no drumming in a looong time

It has been a while since I drummed, 4 whole weeks. I really miss it and can feel the impact of not drumming. However in the break from it where I my stress levels built up to an extreme level, I had to re look and re-evaluate some of my life and simplify things. So in the end, it was almost as if i needed to break free from some issues in my life.

Life is about balance and if you are out of balance it will show!

I am really hoping that it doesn't rain this Saturday! Last week I missed drumming because my car boot broke. We had driven all the way to town and as we got to town my boot broke. To think how much I have actually learned in terms of rhythm. My husband who has two left feet all of a sudden has rhythm. The health benefits are amazing. Just googling the benefits of drumming has me amazed. I can see why my emotions have built up so much without the drumming. I will go drumming this Saturday, let there be sunshine on that day!

If you have any questions about drumming, then please feel free to ask or email. Ala has a facebook page and he is on facebook. Look for Abdul Ala and you will find him.

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